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Best baby monitor cameras for travel or the home
From low-cost to do-it-all systems, here are the best wireless, wifi and smartphone-connected options

Grace Holliday

10, Jan, 2022 @7:00 AM

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UK 'lifeboat' scheme for company pensions at risk
Pension Protection Fund ‘insurance policy’ at risk of wave of corporate defaults, says former minister

Patrick Collinson

26, Aug, 2020 @11:01 PM

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Back to the darkroom: young fans reject digital to revive classic film camera
Photographers relish the return of 35mm film and a crowdfunded SLR camera in a medium they say has more ‘soul’ than digital

Robin Stummer

28, Jan, 2018 @12:04 AM

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Kodak leads surge of companies exploiting bitcoin buzz
Companies pivoting to, or just showing an interest in, cryptocurrencies and associated technologies have resulted in a sudden burst in share price

Alex Hern

11, Jan, 2018 @12:22 PM

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies 'will come to bad end', says Warren Buffett
The billionaire investor and his longtime manager Charlie Munger, two of the world’s most successful investors, say they’d never invest in cryptocurrencies

Dominic Rushe in New York

11, Jan, 2018 @8:33 AM

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The return of Super 8: why Kodak’s rebooted old-school camera could be a hit
Tarantino and Spielberg love the format, and have raised the profile of the new design – but the relaunch of analogue technology is more than a marketing ploy

Steve Rose

06, Jan, 2016 @5:57 PM

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Kodak launches new Super 8 camera
It revolutionised home movies in the 60 and 70s and was used by directors in their teens including JJ Abrams and Christopher Nolan. Kodak’s new design hopes to capitalise on renewed interest in analogue tech

Andrew Pulver

06, Jan, 2016 @2:36 PM

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Major film studios sign deal to keep Kodak rolling on
Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, NBC Universal and Warner Bros all pledge to continue buying filmstock from the company, even as the majority of directors and cinemas choose to go digital

Ben Beaumont-Thomas

05, Feb, 2015 @11:24 AM

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Tarantino and Nolan share a Kodak moment as studios fund film processing

Posse of directors, also including JJ Abrams and Judd Apatow, rallies to 35mm film's defense as studios agree to fund processing costs and Kodak continues production

Ben Child

31, Jul, 2014 @7:42 AM

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Last days of Kodak town: the decline and fall of the city photography built

Kodak has been hit hard by the digital revolution – and so has its hometown Rochester, New York. Dave Stelfox meets the couple who captured the death of a company town

Dave Stelfox

25, Jun, 2014 @4:26 PM

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Eyewitness: National Media Museum, Bradford
Photographs from the Guardian Eyewitness series

03, Oct, 2013 @9:54 AM

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Kodak No 1 Camera – early images to mark its 125th anniversary

The Kodak No 1 camera, launched 125 years ago, was pre-loaded with 100 exposures and required customers to use all the film and then return the camera to Kodak for processing

02, Oct, 2013 @11:26 PM

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