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Inflation in eurozone hits record 8.6% as Ukraine war continues
ECB plans first interest rate rise in 11 years as food prices increase and Putin’s invasion drives up energy costs

Richard Partington Economics correspondent

01, Jul, 2022 @12:19 PM

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Stagflationary global debt crisis looms – and things will get much worse | Nouriel Roubini
There is ample reason to fear big economies such as the US face recession and financial turmoil

Nouriel Roubini

30, Jun, 2022 @6:00 AM

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Nations must work together through ‘conflict and crisis’ to reduce climate change risks, Albanese tells OECD
Prime minister will say food insecurity has become a significant challenge and Australia has a major role to play in meeting the challenge

Katharine Murphy Political editor

29, Jun, 2022 @12:30 PM

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£5bn Boots sale abandoned as potential buyers struggle to raise funds
UK’s biggest chemist to stay with Walgreens Boots Alliance as market turmoil makes debt-funded takeovers difficult

Jasper Jolly

28, Jun, 2022 @3:17 PM

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Proposed price cap on Russian oil moves closer at G7 summit
Western leaders hope to tighten vice around Vladimir Putin without causing backlash at home or in global south

Patrick Wintour in Elmau

26, Jun, 2022 @6:49 PM

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G7 relaunches funding programme for developing countries under new name
Global Investment and Infrastructure Partnership, aimed at rivalling China, comes a year after Build Back Better World plan

Patrick Wintour in Elmau

26, Jun, 2022 @4:46 PM

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Concerns that India is ‘back door’ into Europe for Russian oil
Volume of Russian crude bought and then exported by India suggests some of it may end up in European petrol stations

Alex Lawson Energy correspondent

26, Jun, 2022 @2:45 PM

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History turns full circle as G7 alarm bells ring over energy once again | Larry Elliott
First meeting in 1975 grappled with the oil shock – now it is Russia’s war in Ukraine creating angst

Larry Elliott

26, Jun, 2022 @10:18 AM

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There’s a simple way to unite everyone behind climate justice – and it’s within our power | George Monbiot
Cancelling poor nations’ historic debts would allow their governments to channel money into climate adaptation, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

George Monbiot

24, Jun, 2022 @7:00 AM

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Russian navy ordered to lay mines at Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, says US
Intelligence claims operation is part of Russia’s blockade of grain exports, which threatens to trigger global famine

Julian Borger

23, Jun, 2022 @5:27 PM

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Brexit is making cost of living crisis worse, new study claims
EU withdrawal fuelling higher import costs and costing British workers nearly £500 a year, says Resolution Foundation

Richard Partington Economics correspondent

21, Jun, 2022 @11:01 PM

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Elon Musk says ‘inevitable’ US recession will probably come soon
Musk’s comments, echoing other CEOs, are accompanied by plan to lay off 10% of Tesla’s salaried staff

Dan Milmo and agency

21, Jun, 2022 @3:50 PM

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