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Melbourne bus passenger threatened and subjected to verbal abuse – video

Video filmed by a Melbourne bus passenger shows two men verbally abusing a woman who is reported to have been singing in French

21, Nov, 2012 @1:09 PM

Melbourne bus abuse video puts Australian attitudes on trial

Woman singing in French was told to 'speak English or die' and threatened with stabbing, YouTube footage shows

Alison Rourke in Sydney

21, Nov, 2012 @7:10 AM

Australian fake bomber sentenced for Sydney teenager ordeal - video
Madeleine Pulver, victim of a hoax ‘collar-bomb’ ordeal, speaks outside a court in Sydney

20, Nov, 2012 @6:13 PM

Waterspout forms off the coast of Australia – video

A massive waterspout forms off the coast of Batemans Bay in New South Wales on Sunday

18, Nov, 2012 @3:09 PM

Australian police say 200kg cocaine seized from shipwrecked yacht in Tonga - video

Tongan authorities discover approximately $116m AUD (£75m) of cocaine and a decomposed body on a shipwrecked yacht bound for Australia

16, Nov, 2012 @12:35 PM

Bushfire burns in Tulka, South Australia - video

Footage of a major bushfire near the town of Tulka in South Australia

12, Nov, 2012 @12:14 PM

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Australia to hold wide-ranging judicial inquiry into child sex abuse

Royal commission to investigate churches, state care facilities, schools, charities, child services agencies and police

Alison Rourke in Sydney

12, Nov, 2012 @11:15 AM

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Australia's best beach? Even the experts can't decide

A marine biologist and a surfer visited 11,761 beaches before coming up with their definitive list of 101

Alison Rourke in Sydney

06, Nov, 2012 @7:10 AM

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Australian art exhibition proves there's life beyond Rolf
Aboriginal artists, settler landscapes and paintings by Boyd and Nolan included in 'long overdue' Royal Academy tribute

Mark Brown, arts correspondent

01, Nov, 2012 @7:43 PM

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Australian TV drama puts spotlight on Aboriginal life
Redfern Now is first TV series to be commissioned, written, acted and produced by indigenous Australians

Alison Rourke in Sydney

01, Nov, 2012 @6:04 PM

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Quarter of Australian women say they have been sexually harassed at work
One in four women in survey said they had been harassed in past five years, as polls shows country split over 'misogyny' row

Alison Rourke in Sydney

30, Oct, 2012 @11:56 AM

Burst water main creates 10-storey spout in Melbourne – video

A huge water spout towers over a suburb of south-east Melbourne, Australia, after a water main burst. At least one home was severely damaged

29, Oct, 2012 @11:40 AM

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