Duluth News Tribune

Newspaper in Duluth, Minnesota

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Duluth News Tribune
DNT logo 2019.png
DNT front page, 4-27-18.pdf
Front page from April 27, 2018
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Forum Communications
PublisherNeal Ronquist[1]
EditorRick Lubbers[2]
LanguageAmerican English
Headquarters424 W. First St.
Duluth, Minnesota 55802
CountryUnited States
OCLC number17221576

The Duluth News Tribune (known locally as The Tribune or DNT) is an American, English newspaper based in Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota. Tracing its founding back to 1869, the Duluth News Tribune was purchased in 2006 and is currently owned by the Forum Communications Company out of Fargo, North Dakota.[2]

The Duluth News Tribune is committed to bringing quality, fact-based journalism to its local communities through a variety of mediums including:

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