Utah Supreme Court

The highest court in the U.S. state of Utah

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Utah Supreme Court
Since 1998, the Utah Supreme Court has met in the Scott M. Matheson Courthouse. The Court previously met in the Utah State Capitol.
LocationSalt Lake City, Utah Utah
Composition methodExecutive appointment with legislative confirmation and retention elections
Authorized byUtah State Constitution
Appeals toSupreme Court of the United States
Number of positions5
WebsiteOfficial site
Chief Justice
CurrentlyMatthew B. Durrant
SinceMarch 26, 2012
Jurist term endsJanuary 5, 2025

The Utah Supreme Court is the supreme court of the state of Utah, United States. It has final authority of interpretation of the Utah Constitution. The Utah Supreme Court is composed of five members: a chief justice, an associate chief justice, and three justices. All justices are appointed by the governor of Utah, with confirmation by the Utah Senate. The five justices vote among themselves for the position of chief justice and associate chief justice, who each serve a term of four years.

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  • Utah Supreme Court

    The highest court in the U.S. state of Utah

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Utah Supreme Court

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